Map of Porcupine Land

The Map of Porcupine Land. Note the colors on the map.

Porcupine land is the setting of The Porcupine Show. The place consists of six zones.


  • Porcupine Land: The capital. There are many skyscrapers in this zone. Stores such as Red's Filter, Emily's Nail Polish, and Yellow's Travel Agency are over here.
  • Eight Birds Town: A German-themed town which is accessible from Interstate 70. This town has Jeremy's Hardware Store.
  • Miranda Desert: The desert town which has the homes of Red, Yellow, and Jeremy. (Emily lives in neighboring Ganor Town.)
  • Ganor Town: A town surrounded by ice. This town is where Emily lives.
  • North Volcano: A town in front of a volcano. This town is along Interstate 95.
  • Veronica City: This is a lakeside tourist destination. This town is the home of the Hippo Road Bridge. Hippo and Amy live here.
  • Lake Summersalt: A lake south of Veronica City. Summersalt Lake is home for swimming.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Giraffe Lake Building: The tallest building in the country. It is on the Maple & Pineway.
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